The Supratek Pre-amplifier Range

After many years of tube pre-amplifier design and production, we consider pre-amplifiers to be our speciality. Especially phono preamplifiers, which are a difficult piece of equipment to design and construct. During 2009 and 2010 Kevin Covi and myself re-designed our tube phono designs, incorporating lowR cathode biasing , grid chokes and other innovative ideas.The subsequent improvement was so great we then had to re-evaluate the line stage's and these were also improved. These preamplifier designs are cutting edge tube technology, able to extract the best from analouge or digital sources. All the Supratek preamps are very accurate, with stunning imagery and soundstaging , 24bit 192Khz recordings sound as lifelike as is possible , but all sources will sound like you've never heard before. And of course the vinyl phono designs are in a class of their own.

Supratek has been building preamplifiers using Directly Heated Triodes for over 20 years, and the Cabernet DHT preamp has been available since 2003 in various configurations using the 6SN7 tube as input driver and  the 101D,300B,PX4,71A,33,45 DHT tube as output tube.

There are various copies of this preamp available but only the Suprateks have stood the test of time to be the finest preamps available, both in sound quality and aesthetics.

Reliability is very important to us and these preamps will continue to work optimally year after year, with no maintenance required. These are cutting edge designs and they will, like the older Suprateks, become "classics" that will last a very long time ,giving excellent sound with zero service requirements throughout their long lives. Because of the very high quality components we use, a lifetime of more than 50 years is certainly possible.

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